Master Waeglassz' room


Parchment (50 sheets; 10gp)
Paper (50 sheets; 20gp)

-Holy text of Vhaeraun (100gp; 5lbs, lead-lined cover)
-Holy Text of Kossuth (100gp; 10lbs, fire-proof)
-Dungeon Guide: Dungeon of the Moon’s Dancing Darkness
Price 7,000 gp; Accuracy +7; Associated Skill Knowledge (dungeoneering) (DC 25)
• Disable magical traps (Disable Device +3)
• Evaluate certain relics (Appraise +5)
• Identify planar creature (Knowledge [planes] +5)

-Ink, glowing
-Ink, fire
-Ink, pen (x2)

Robe of Fire silk (Crafted from the silk of giant spiders who have been affected by or infused with the essence of fire (most often by magical processes and rituals). These rare creatures spin silk that is remarkably resilient to heat and, depending on the nature of the plane on which they stand, provides varying degrees of protection from heat, drawing upon the plane itself to protect the wearer:
-Fire-dominant plane: Immunity to Fire
-No Dominant element
Fire resistance- 10
-Water-dominant plane- Vulnerability to Cold
Outfits (multiple of each):
-Noble’s (w/ gems)
-Courtier’s (w/ gemS)
-Royal (w/gems and jewelry)
-Boots, fire-resistant (x3)
Perfume/cologne (All; 3 of ea.)

Wax, sealing (5 uses; 5gp, 5 lbs)
Scroll case- Bone (Red- dragon; Fire res. 10)
- Darkness, Pyrotechnics
- Ear-piercing scream, Flare burst, Identify
- Ki Shout, Dispel Magic, greater, Deafening Song bolt
-Sympathetic Vibration, Analyze dweomer, Summon Infernal Host
Alchemist Fire- x10
Bomb launcher (10gp, x1)
Air crystals (50gp, x1)
Brick of Clay, Blackfire (20gp, 10lbs)
Key, skeleton (85 gp)
MWK Manacles (50 gp; Brk Dc 35, Str 28)
MWK Fetters (50 gp; Brk Dc 35, Str 28)
Lock, superior (150gp)
Kit, Pyrography (1gp; 2lbs)
Kit, Riding (Exotic, 36gp; 59 lbs)
Muscial Instrument, MWK Tambourine (100gp)
MWK backpack (x3)
Mithral Cauldron (1251 gp)
Holy Symbol of Vhaeraun, obsidian (2.5gp; .75lbs)
Holy Symbol of Kossuth, Fever steel (250gp; 1lbs)


Master Waeglassz' room

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